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Outrageous Yachts

A taste of extravagance

Who says you can’t have it all? “Outrageous Yachts” ($50, Vendome Press, 2009) by Jill Bobrow, Kenny Wooton and Dana Jinkins focuses on the majesty and excess of 21 vessels, including the famous (and now for sale) Maltese Falcon owned by Tom Perkins, former executive with Hewlett Packard and financier behind Genentech, Netscape and Google.

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Brimming with full-color photos of these over-the-top vessels, this oversize hardcover is the perfect match for those who may not have their ideal luxury vessel, but would at least like to dream about it. After all, gazing at these extravagant vessels on the page is still cheaper than paying for their upkeep.

Jill Bobrow is editor in chief of ShowBoats International and was previously founding editor of Boat International USA magazine. Kenny Wooton works with Bobrow as executive editor of ShowBoats International magazine, and Dana Jinkins is co-founder, art director and principal photographer of Concept Publishing Inc., which specializes in books on yachts and yachting destinations.

This article originally appeared in the Home Waters Sections of the November 2009 issue.