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"Panama Paradise: A Tribute to Tropic Star Lodge"

An angler's paradise

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In the early 1960s, Ray Smith cleared a spot of land out of the Darien jungle in Panama for one purpose: fishing.

"Panama Paradise: A Tribute to Tropic Star Lodge" ($95, The Derrydale Press, 2010) by Guy Harvey records the history of the lodge from its earliest beginnings to the present-day mammoth catches.

Harvey collects his notes from 18 years of visiting Tropic Star and gathers them into a lush, full-color hardcover book with 344 pages packed with stunning photographs and wildlife art by Harvey himself.
Harvey is an artist, angler and advocate for marine life. He has visited Tropic Star Lodge more than 35 times since 1991 and many of the episodes of his television series "Portraits From the Deep" were shot there between 2002 and 2006. He lives and works in Gran Cayman, Cayman Islands, with his wife Gilliam and their two children, Jessica and Alex, who are currently attending college. For information visit

This article originally appeared in the Home Waters sections of the August 2010 issue.