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Sailing out of Retirement

Practical advice from an authority

Seasoned sailors with wind still in their sails might consider the self-published non-fiction "Sailing Out of Retirement: Living the Dream," (Amazon, $9.99 for Kindle version, $15.95 for paperback) by the veteran cruising couple Matts and Jeanine Djos.

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The two have extensively sailed the West Coast from Canada to Mexico and Matts has written extensively as a freelance writer for multiple nautical magazines. In their new book, the retired couple offers suggestions on how to find the right used boat - drawing from their own experiences - from an extensive restoration to a shakedown cruise.

Also chronicled are the nuances of moorings and marinas; navigation; storm tactics; common-sense seamanship; short- and long-term cruising; and matters of personal health, safety and on-board ambiance and comfort - all geared toward retirees and seniors.

The Djoses currently sail a trailerable 26-foot Balboa and a Mariner 31 ketch, which is moored in San Pedro, Calif.

This article originally appeared in the Home Waters Section of the April 2011 issue.