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Salt of the Sea

Ode to the fishing life

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“Salt of the Sea, Stories told by the Fishermen of Point Judith” (Fowler Road Press, $16.99; $6.99 Kindle) is Cindy Follett Guldemond’s affectionate tribute to the men who fished out of Point Judith, R.I., from the 1950s through the 1980s.

Complemented by historic photos and photographer Markham Starr’s portraits, the book is a compendium of recollections from 28 fishermen. “I admired these fishermen and loved hearing their stories; when some of the most admired men began passing away I decided it was time to act,” says Follett Guldemond, the daughter of a fisherman. The result is an insider’s look at a tight-knit seafaring community.

March 2014 issue