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Sea Stories - December 2019

What we’re listening to

Song of a Song of a Sailor


For some folks, there’s nothing finer than cruising under sail with an
accompaniment of uplifting music. Or, maybe relaxing in the cockpit with an adult beverage is more your style. If either or both scenarios sound like the cut of your jib, then consider tuning in to Spotify’s “Sailing Songs—Ultimate Sailor’s Playlist,” which has more than four hours’ worth of salty tunes. They include hits from Jimmy Buffett, Harry Belafonte, The Beach Boys, Crosby Stills & Nash and more. Use the Spotify mobile app or Spotify’s browser interface on a computer. 

Boating Insights


While the Boating Insights podcast was originally intended for boaters in and around Sydney, Australia, it has gained worldwide popularity for breaking down common boating topics into easy-to-understand pieces. Discussions include learning to sail, getting kids into the sport, expanding your boating comfort zone, boating clubs, first aid and more. There are also episodes for the do-it-yourself crowd, including talks about marine heads, bilge pumps, sails, battery management and engine maintenance. Listen or download episodes using the Apple Podcast app. 

More salty reads


Survey Says

In print for nearly 20 years and now in its third edition, Reeds Marine Surveying is a quintessential guide to assessing a boat’s condition. It’s written for marine professionals as well as for technical-minded boat owners who want to learn about systems and construction. The new edition includes information about the latest marine surveying technology, as well as topics such as analysis of the mechanical behavior of materials, failure analysis, stress concentration, fatigue and fracture, corrosion, wood-damaging organisms, polymer chemistry and the composition and characteristics of common plastics, metal, alloys and composite materials found on boats. Also inside are discussions of common surveying topics such as plumbing, drivetrain, electrical, rigging, blistering, rot and more. ($50, Reeds)


Finding Your Way

Navigating through unknown waters can be an anxiety-inducing proposition, even with the proliferation of electronic gizmos and gadgets designed to make boating easier. And what happens when the electronics go down? Stress-Free Navigation: Electronic and Traditional by Duncan Wells aims to soothe the nerves of anxious navigators. The book covers introductory elements of navigation as well as more complex elements of finding your way around the water. The book is packed with diagrams, quick-reference tables and flowcharts, step-by-step photographs, tips and QR codes that access explanatory videos. Whether you’re hopping from port to port on inshore waters or making longer trips offshore, this new release will be a handy companion. ($25, Adlard Coles)

This article originally appeared in the December 2019 issue.



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