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Sea Stories - February 2020

What We're Watching


Lobster Boat Life

Fifth-generation boatbuilder Robert “Chummy” Rich is the name behind Bass Harbor Boat in Tremont, Maine. Though he sold his interest in the company in 2014, his name remains synonymous with finely built wooden lobster boats, commercial vessels and recreational craft. The 30-minute documentary “Chummy Rich: Maine Boat Builder” takes viewers from lofting to launching as Rich and his crew build the 28-foot wooden cabin cruiser Andromeda. Gunner Hansen wrote the film and Bob Bowman scored the music. Joe Marshall is the narrator. Dobbs Productions filmed, edited and produced the documentary with support from the Tremont Historical Society, among others. You can view the film on YouTube.

Save Our Salmon


If you’ve eaten salmon, chances are pretty good you’ve consumed fish that were raised using aquaculture, a process more widely known as fish farming. While the relatively low price and consistent quality of this type of salmon is tempting to many buyers, the truth is that many salmon farming operations are harmful to ocean environments. Most of these farmed salmon are raised in large, crowded, open-water pens that release fish waste into the ocean. Pens also create an environment in which disease and parasites flourish, affecting local wild salmon stocks. The farmed fish, which are genetically inferior to their wild counterparts, also often escape their pens. Once free, they can breed with wild stocks and pollute their superior gene pool. Outfitter Patagonia tries to educate the public about the impacts of farmed salmon in “Artifishal,” a new 80-minute documentary that exposes some of the dangers of farmed salmon to our oceans and the wild salmon stocks. Watch it on YouTube, Apple’s TV app or stream it on Amazon Prime Video.  

More Salty Stories


Adventure on the High Seas

Sailing a long-distance passage on the open ocean is a bucket-list item for many, but because it’s fraught with unknowns that many sailors choose to stay close to shore. Ocean Sailing paints a picture of what ocean sailing really is about, told through the experiences of others who have ventured across the ocean. Chapters cover gear and equipment, safety, boat preparations, budgeting, planning, weather, communications and repairs. Paul Heiney wrote the book with help from members of the Royal Ocean Cruising Club, Ocean Cruising Club and Cruising Club of America. ($35, Adlard Coles)


The Loop Life

The America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association supports cruisers making the 6,000-mile journey from the Gulf of Mexico up the Eastern Seaboard, through the canals north of the Hudson River, down the Great Lakes and back to the Gulf of Mexico. Hundreds of cruisers have made the journey, earning an AGLCA pennant. The AGLCA podcast on Apple’s podcast app stopped uploading new episodes about a year ago, but the library remains, packed with six years’ worth of episodes. Advice runs the gamut, from anchoring and no-discharge zones to locking through. If you’ve ever wondered what daily life on “the Loop” is like, then this is your podcast. 



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