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Sea Stories - July 2021

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The Pine Tree Chapter of the Antique Outboard Club of America gathers an eclectic, fun-loving group of gear-heads—primarily from Maine—who enjoy collecting, fixing up and running antique outboard motors, some of which are more than 100 years old. The group’s YouTube channel,
PineTree Boating Club, aims to inform enthusiasts about everything from meetups to the special tools, techniques and tricks one might need to get a clunky old motor back to its original glory—or simply get it running again. There’s something here for beginners, experts and every do-it-yourselfer in between. 

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While most of the activities we enjoy on the water are safe, there could be a time when a crewmember requires either minor or urgent medical help. Being prepared to deal with these injuries, no matter what sort of boating you do, is just good seamanship. Doctor On Board: Ship’s Medicine Chest and Care on the Water by Dr. William W. Forgey, a clinical professor of family medicine at Indiana University, educates readers about how to care for crewmembers suffering from seasickness, minor cuts and scrapes, broken bones, head injuries, sprains, as well as more serious emergencies that require advanced care, such as cardiac arrest. You’ll learn how to stock a good medical first aid kit and deal with severe orthopedic and respiratory issues, as well as how to determine when it is time to call for help. ($23, Sheridan House)



Vencedor was a 63-foot cutter built in Wisconsin by the Racine Boat Manufacturing Company and raced competitively on the Great Lakes in matches between the United States and Canada. Her designer, naval engineer Thorvald S. Poekel, was hired away by Racine from the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company of Bristol, Rhode Island, where he served as lead draftsman. Though Herreshoff signed virtually all the plans that came out of the outfit, Poekel’s name also appears on several. Reporters from The Chicago Tribune at one time reported that Poekel, not Herreshoff, was the true designer of America’s Cup yachts Defender and Vigilant and the successful racing yacht Niagara. Poekel’s grandson, Charles Axel Poekel, examines the question of who really designed these boats in his book, The Vencedor: The Story of a Great Yacht and of an Unsung Herreshoff Hero in the Golden Age of Yachting. ($28, Sheridan House)




Down at the Boat House is a new podcast hosted by the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle, Washington. It is a community-led discussion covering all things wooden-boat related, from history to modern topics. Four fresh episodes are now available, with more on the way. The first episodes cover a variety of topics, from the founding and building of The Center for Wooden Boats, to the history of Pacific Northwest rowboats and local efforts by the museum to turn an old fishing resort into a state park with plenty of water access for boating enthusiasts. You can find episode synopses and links at



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