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Sea Stories - June 2020


Cat Family

Sailing La Vagabonde is a YouTube channel that follows the globetrotting journeys of Riley Whitelum, Elayna Carausu and their son, Lennon, aboard their floating home La Vagabonde, an Outremer 45 catamaran. The couple has been cruising together for more than five years, starting with a Beneteau Cyclades sailboat in the Mediterranean. The vlog details their journey from port to port as they explore, dive, fish and handle the sometimes challenging liveaboard life. The couple attained notoriety in 2019 when they sailed climate activist Greta Thunberg from Norfolk, Virginia, to Lisbon, Portugal, for the 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Madrid, Spain. 

More salty reads


Cantankerous Cooperation In Ferry to Cooperation Island by Carol Newman Cronin, James Malloy is a salty captain who used to run the ferry between Brenton Island and Newport, Rhode Island. Replaced without fanfare by female skipper Courtney Farris, Malloy becomes relegated to shoreside life, where he spends most of his time with an ornery attitude about the world around him. One day he discovers survey markers and taped stakes laid out across an expanse of undeveloped land that is sacred to his terminally ill friend, a Narragansett Indian. The plot unfolds as Malloy works to stop the proposed golf development and keep the area’s open and wild spaces intact. He learns that to accomplish his goals, he must enlist the cooperation of others—including the skipper who replaced him on the ferry. But a long-kept secret may just change Malloy’s mind about Capt. Farris. ($17, She Writes Press)


Pure Class One of the most beautiful and spirited sailing craft ever built, the 27-foot S Class was designed in 1919 by Nathaniel Herreshoff. Over the next 21 years, 94 of the craft were built out of wood. Many are still lovingly used and raced today. The coffee-table-style book, Setting Sail in America: The Remarkable Story of Herreshoff’s S Class Sailboats offers a close look at these storied sailboats. It’s packed with gorgeous photography, detailed accounts of the boats’ histories, and colorful

narratives about the owners who once sailed them, and those who still do today. Flip through the pages and you’ll see these mini yachts sailing on Narragansett Bay, Long Island Sound, Buzzards Bay and many other coves, lakes and coastlines nearly a century after they first set sail. ($80,

This Old Boat

Andy Miller makes his living working on boats. From sailboats to sportfish yachts and everything in between that floats, Miller is comfortable inside, outside and upside down in boats. He shares his extensive repair and refit projects in detail on his YouTube channel, Boatworks Today, where you can watch him replace teak decks, repaint worn topsides, craft custom fiberglass pieces, repair gelcoat and more. It’s a perfect channel for those who may want to make their own repairs but feel as if they don’t have the know-how to complete them on their own. Each episode is generally between 15 and 20 minutes in length. 



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