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Sea Stories - October 2021

What we’re reading


Remote and Remarkable 


 Photographer Jay Fleming has spent much of his life with a camera in his hand, and while he is accomplished in many areas of photography, he is best-known for his work around Chesapeake Bay. Whether he’s documenting the difficult work done by the bay’s hard-working watermen or capturing underwater photos of fish, crabs and other bay creatures, Fleming is always willing to go the extra mile to get the perfect shot. His latest work, a book titled Island Life, focuses on Smith and Tangier islands, two remote Chesapeake islands accessible only by boat, where work and life largely revolve around harvesting crabs, fish and oysters. Each island has its own unique culture and vast expanses of natural beauty, as well as histories that stretch back more than two centuries. ($50,


Sea Sick Six-Pack

Jeff Nichols’ obsession with offshore fishing led him to start a business running fishing charters out of Montauk, New York. His results were mixed. A “successful” trip was one where his clients didn’t stiff him, steal tackle or puke from seasickness. To up his game, he started a Groupon promotion hoping it would bolster his operation. While the campaign got paying customers aboard, the captain quickly learned that he was wildly underqualified and that his boat was in no condition to carry, well, anyone. Over several seasons, Nichols made seven May Day calls. Though he documents the events with a humorous tone, he also uses the anecdotes to serve as cautionary tales of why the wrong person armed with a “Six-Pack” Coast Guard license can be a danger to everyone around them. ($15, HumorOutcasts Press) 

What we're listening to


Down at the Boathouse

Situated on the Lake Union shoreline in the heart of Seattle, Washington, is The Center for Wooden Boats. For more than 40 years, it has been promoting the maritime heritage of the Pacific Northwest by providing hands-on education about traditional wooden boats. New from the center is Down at the Boathouse, a podcast inspired by stories exchanged on docks around the Pacific Northwest. Hosted by the center’s Executive Director Josh Anderson and Community Engagement Director Sandy Lam, the podcast covers topics such as the history of the center and wooden rowboats of the Pacific Northwest. It’s available to stream or download on all major podcast apps including Spotify, Apple’s Podcast app, Google Podcasts and more. —Gary Reich



Sea Stories - July 2021

These are the books, videos and podcasts we are brining on board.