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Spring prep at a glance

Don't wait until the last minute to prepare your boat for spring

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Before you launch

• Inspect the fuel system for leaks, wear or damage.

• Charge and reinstall batteries.

• Flush the antifreeze from the freshwater tank and add fresh water.

• Hook up the hot water tank if it was bypassed during

• Check the electrical and other systems.

• Start the engine and check the gauges.

• Change the oil and filter (if not done during winterizing).

• Open the seacocks and inspect and lubricate them.

• Reattach any hoses that were removed during winterization.

• Pump or drain the bilge dry.

• Check belts, cables, hoses and hose clamps.

• Check your dock lines and ground tackle.

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• Reinstall and test your electronics, including the GPS and depth sounder.

• Inspect your trailer and its lights and wiring, tires and tire pressure, and rollers.

• Inspect the trailer’s wheel bearings and repack them, if necessary.

• Keep your towing insurance current.

After you launch

• Lift the hatches and check to see that the boat is watertight.

• Check the engine shaft and rudder stuffing boxes.

• Recheck the bilge pumps.

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This article originally appeared in the May 2012 issue.