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Sustainable Sailing: Go Green When You Cast Off

Soundings sailing editor Dieter Loibner has combined the best of his sailing wisdom with his passion for the environment.

The result is "Sustainable Sailing: Go Green When You Cast Off" ($24.95, Sheridan House Inc., 2009).

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The book starts off listing the personal costs of pollution and evaluates the benefits of lessening an individual's carbon footprint. Loibner then discusses practical ways to make your vessel and their voyage greener, while spreading the word about the advantages.

Loibner writes the On Sailing column for Soundings and holds a doctorate in journalism from the University of Vienna and lives in Portland, Ore. Previously published books include "The Folkboat Story" and "Sailing Big on a Small Sailboat." For information, visit

This article originally appeared in the Home Waters Section of the February 2010 issue.