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The Bounty Boat skipper and crew

Based on photos, Don McIntyre looks to be a much jollier guy than William Bligh.

After coming in second in his class in the 1990 BOC around-the-world race, McIntyre, now 53, embarked on several Antarctic expeditions, both by sea and over the ice. He says he has been dreaming of following's Bligh's trail for 27 years.

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Early on, McIntyre chose another sailing celebrity as his second in command. But Mike Perham - who held the record for the youngest solo circumnavigation until bested by Jessica Watson - had to resign on doctor's orders to recover from having his appendix removed. American Peter Steir also signed off the crew list before the start, after having fared poorly during sleep- and food-deprivation training, according to CNN.
Another master mariner on the team is Australian David Price. Price, whose nickname is "Quilter," is an experienced ocean racer and circumnavigator. He is a trained naval architect and supervised the construction of the yacht National Investment Institute, which he skippered in a circumnavigation.
David Wilkinson is a British expatriate living in Hong Kong with experience sailing in local waters. According to his profile on the Bounty Boat Web site, the professional financial adviser underwent major surgery last year to have a tumor removed, after which he promised "to pursue life with passion."
The fourth member of the team is 18-year-old Chris Wilde of the United Kingdom, who has no sailing experience at all. He applied for a crew position after his mother read about the voyage in a British newspaper. McIntyre says he chose Wilde over other applicants because of his "absolute blind passion."

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This article originally appeared in the August 2010 issue.