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The Islands time forgot

55 islands, one amazing adventure

The oft-told story of a couple who pursues their dream of cruising exotic locales has another entry.

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In “The Islands Time Forgot,” British businessman Graham Morse tells the story of exploring the South Pacific with his wife, Janet (Authorhouse, 2010, $15 paperback, 238 pages,; $9.99 eBook from

Experienced sailors, they had cruised Europe, raced and crossed the Atlantic. After recovering from a heart ailment, Morse vows to sail to the South Pacific, where the couple visit some of the region’s most remote islands aboard a 78-foot aluminum cutter-rigged sloop. As they discover ancient Polynesian culture, they are welcomed into villages and homes, work with black-pearl farmers and swim with seals, sharks and whales. What they learn in a world where life has changed little in 200 years will forever change their way of thinking.

This article originally appeared in the April 2012 issue.