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Tip Of The Iceberg

Tip Of The Iceberg 

Tip Of The Iceberg 

Onne van der Wal
Rode Bay, Greenland
Camera: Canon 5D Mark IV in Aquatech housing
Shutter speed: 1/640
Lens focal length: 14mm
Aperture: f/18
ISO: 1000

This article originally appeared in the October 2018 issue.



In The Rigging

San Diego, California by Pim Van Hemmen


Super Selfie, San Diego

Photography by Pim Van Hemmen


Rail, Buried

Image: Onne van der Wal


Rush Hour, Manasquan Inlet

Photography by Andrew Mills


Rowboat At Rest

Cape Rosier, Maine by Pim Van Hemmen

Photo of painting by William R Davis

Last Sail Of The Season

“It’s like a vessel that needs a couple of coats of paint for the true color to come out,” William Davis says. He’s describing the way he layered the oils to convey nature’s subtle shades in Last Sail of the Season. “You work in stages. The sky — it might take several coats to get it right.”