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Understanding Marine Tech

Marine tech for dummies

John C. Payne is a sailor and a professional marine electrical engineer and surveyor. He knows what makes boats work and what makes them fail. The author of multiple books, including “Marine Electrical and Electronics Bible,” has two more entries in his “Understanding …” series.

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“Understanding Boat DC Electrical Equipment” and “Understanding Boat Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems” (2011, Sheridan House, $16.95 paperback, 85 and 81 pages, respectively) are for boat owners who are willing to try their hand at repairs. The books offer a thorough analysis of technical problems that powerboaters and sailors face, but they’re explained in concise, easy-to-
understand language.
Broken down by chapters on specific components, the books offer succinct firsthand knowledge from Payne, step-by-step methods of analysis and repair, and simplified charts and graphs that complement the writing.

This article originally appeared in the September 2011 issue.