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Voyages: Stories of Ten Sunsail Owner Cruises

Charter tales

Paul Jacobs and his wife, Nancy Kaull, successfully fuse a manual for bareboat chartering with a personal memoir in Voyages:Stories of Ten Sunsail Owner Cruises (Pleiades Publishing, $10). The couple explored 10 destinations aboard their Sunsail 362: the Bahamas, St. Martin, Croatia, the British Virgin Islands, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Turkey, Grenada, Greece, French Polynesia and St. Lucia. Jacobs takes readers through the discovery of his passion for sailing, the joys of meeting and falling in love, and the couple’s cruising experience and journey into the Sunsail Ownership program — all in an interesting, informative and inspiring work. Add it to your reading pile if bareboat chartering is on your bucket list.

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December 2014 issue