Walking The Plank: Dashew Designs


A designer’s distinctive touch

One look at any of the Steve and Linda Dashew-designed fast pilot boats (or FPBs) is all it takes to make a big impression. They are distinctly spare-looking with long, elegant lines and unpainted, all-aluminum bodies.

The interiors offer superb visibility, well-thought-out systems and comfortable accommodations. Dashew FPBs are a combination of utility and luxury, designed for exploring the world in safety.

But long before their series of FPB designs, which range from 64 feet to a 130-foot model that’s on the way, there were the legendary sail designs, such as Deerfoot, Sundeer and Beowolf.

The Dashews have launched more than 50 boats based on their work together and have cruised more than 250,000 ocean miles as they published books, wrote magazine articles and raised their daughters aboard.

Take a look at a sampling of their designs.


Cabot Lyman photo

Walking The Plank: Cabot Lyman

Cabot Lyman moved to Thomaston, Maine, from Vermont in 1978 with a plan to become a boatbuilder. Lyman was  looking for space to rent, Morse Boatbuilding was struggling, and it wasn’t long before the two joined forces as  Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding.