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Whiskey Gulf

Suspense and intrigue fill “Whiskey Gulf” ($24.95, Vanguard Press, 2009) in the latest in the nautical suspense series by awarding-winning author Clyde Ford.

“Whiskey Gulf,” set in coastal British Columbia, features former Coast Guard officer-turned-maritime private investigator Charlie Noble with his friend, Raven, a former Navy SEAL diver from the Lummi Indian Nation.

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Noble is hired to investigate the disappearance of a sailboat that failed to arrive at its port of call after crossing into a “live-fire” naval exercise just north of the border in Whiskey Gulf. The investigation leads Noble to a wall of secrecy from the American and Canadian governments. Noble and Raven set sail and discover a hidden cave where they must survive vicious attacks and deadly whirlpools to uncover the answers of what really happened at Whiskey Gulf.

Clyde Ford is author of both fiction and non-fiction writing. He hails from Bellingham, Wash., and cruises the waters of the Pacific Northwest and the Inside Passage on his 30-foot trawler.

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This article originally appeared in the Home Waters Sections of the October 2009 issue.