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Solid-State Doppler Radar


Raymarine’s Quantum 2 solid-state radar uses the latest Doppler target identification, plus CHIRP pulse compression, to identify moving and static targets at long and short ranges. Doppler processing detects the radar echo’s frequency shift in the return signal to determine moving versus stationary targets. Color-coding indicates whether targets are getting closer (red) or moving away (green). Quantum 2 also highlights and color-codes potentially dangerous static targets within about 650 feet forward of the boat. From $1,950. Raymarine, Nashua, New Hampshire, (603) 324-7900.

This article originally appeared in the May 2018 issue.


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Compact color LCD radar

The Furuno 1815 incorporates some of the company’s latest radar features in a standalone color LCD unit


Enhanced Target Tracking

Raymarine’s Magnum open-array radar offers enhanced target tracking and image detail in a pedestal built to withstand the marine environment.


Speed Sensors

Airmar’s next-generation “Smart” speed sensors combine speed, depth and fast-response water temperature in a compact through-hull fitting with no moving parts.


Remote-Control Trailer Dolly

Parkit360’s Transformer 15K trailer dolly lets one person move a 15,000-pound fifth wheel, tagalong, gooseneck or traditional trailer with a wireless remote control.