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Anchor Nutrition bar

Anchor Nutrition bars are an alternative to drugs that are taken to ward off seasickness and other motion-induced illness.

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They contain only “recognizable food ingredients that are known to prevent and reduce nausea,” according to Real Food Solutions. The company says more than 70 percent of users surveyed reported the bar effectively prevented or relieved queasiness. $3.99. Real Food Solutions, Boston, (617) 800-9606.

This article originally appeared in the September 2015 issue.


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Trim Tab Controller

The 4DHC automatic controller from HydroTab is designed to improve boat handling and address the limitations of older trim tab controllers.

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Fortress Anchoring System

Fortress now offers two models

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Wind Sensors

Solid-state LCJ Capteurs wind sensors use electro-acoustic transducers to determine the transit time differences among waves induced by air flowing along the orthogonal axes.