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Castable Fishfinders

FishHunter castable transducers send real-time sonar data to Android or iOS devices without a cellular or Internet connection. FishHunter Pro’s tri-frequency transducer (381, 475 and 674 kHz) shows fish symbols, fish arches, bathymetric images or ice-fishing flasher views. FishHunter 3D’s five tri-frequency transducers provide greater sonar coverage, including a directional casting view that pinpoints how deep fish are and their location relative to the transducer. FishHunter Pro can reach depths of 150 feet; FishHunter 3D goes to 160 feet. $149 (FishHunter Pro), $199 (FishHunter 3D). Lowrance, (800) 628-4487.

This article originally appeared in the December 2017 issue.



Lowrance Carbon 16

The 16-inch, high-definition screen on the Lowrance HDS Carbon 16 fishfinder/plotter can split into a quartet of 7-inch screens.

C-MAP Insight Charts

C-MAP Insight Charts

C-MAP Insight Pro ($99) and Lake Insight HD ($169) combine chart detail, content and C-MAP cartography with  data from GoFree Lake Insight charts.



Garmin’s Panoptix LiveScope lets anglers distinguish species of fish, even when the boat isn’t moving.

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Si-Tex NavStar MFDs

The 10-inch NavStar 10 and 12-inch NavStar 12


Glomex Marine Antenna

The weBBoat 4G Plus coastal Internet antenna receives Wi-Fi and 3G/4G cellular signals up to 20 miles from shore, then amplifies and redistributes them as a hotspot on board.


Wi-Fi Booster

The Winegard ConnecT WF-200M antenna combines a long-range Wi-Fi signal extender with nationwide 4G LTE cellular, boosting shoreside Wi-Fi signals for coastal boaters.


Stay Connected

Wave WiFi has added 3G and 4G cellular products to its line. These models work with the company’s WiFi antennas, routers and web-based firmware.


Aquatic AV Media Player

The Aquatic AV AQ-MP-5UBT-S media player connects to smartphones and MP3 players via Bluetooth. It supports Apple and Android devices and is ready for Sirius XM satellite radio.