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Compact color LCD radar

The Furuno 1815 incorporates some of the company’s latest radar features in a standalone color LCD unit, including Fast Target Tracking, which allows manual or automatic tracking of as many as 10 targets.

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In True View mode, echoes stay consistent on the display while the boat is turning, so targets don’t have to update after the turn. Adjustable colors allow viewing the 8.4-inch display in most lighting conditions. The unit also can display as many as 100 AIS targets when interfaced with an AIS receiver. $2,495, including a 19-inch 4-kW antenna. Furuno USA, Camas, Washington, (360) 834-9300.

This article originally appeared in the June 2017 issue.


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Si-Tex NavStar MFDs

The 10-inch NavStar 10 and 12-inch NavStar 12


Solid-State Doppler Radar

Raymarine’s Quantum 2 solid-state radar uses the latest Doppler target identification, plus CHIRP pulse compression, to identify moving and static targets at long and short ranges.

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Simrad Autopilot Controller

Simrad’s AP48 autopilot controller for Continuum systems has an optically bonded 4.1-inch color display and a 170- degree viewing angle.


Luma-Vu Camera

The Luma-Vu HD camera gives boaters high-resolution, color video of what’s happening beneath the boat.