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Contoure LEDWDB bulbs

As durable and energy efficient light sources, LEDs are becoming popular with boaters.

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Now there's a way to use them without replacing fixtures. Simply exchange existing 941 (T10) halogen or 921 (18W) incandescent bulbs with Contoure LEDWDB replacement bulbs. "Comparable to a halogen light, the versatile LED bulbs fit perfectly into a variety of existing lamps. Consuming 90 percent less power, they supply 40,000 hours of service," according to the manufacturer. Generating very little heat, these bulbs contain no mercury, are shockproof and have no filaments to break. Requiring just 1.5W of electricity to operate, the high-intensity 12V DC LED bulbs deliver consistent, warm white light. MSRP is $29.95. InterCon Marketing, Sarasota, Fla. Phone (888) 551-1041.