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Custom Nautical-themed Wood Products

Craftsman Grant Tankoos grew up on the water and often on a boat on Long Island Sound. The young entrepreneur opened Soundview Millworks in 2008 in his hometown of Darien, Conn., where he produces fine and custom wood products with nautical themes.

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Incorporating maple and mahogany (used for adding a striping accent), Tankoos creates engraved cleat cutting boards, serving boards, chopping blocks and bar boards. Other wood products include bookends, picture stands, bottle holders and paperweights. All hand-sanded products can be customized with compass roses, boat names or home ports. Each board comes hand-sealed with natural tung oil and a special mineral oil and beeswax blend to protect it. Prices range from $35 to $160. Soundview Millworks, Darien, Conn. Phone: (843) 324-5186.

This article originally appeared in the New England Home Waters Section of the February issue.