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Diesel Fuel Polisher

To keep diesel fuel shipshape, Dieselcraft offers the portable FPS-15, a 12-volt polishing system that’s compact and easy to use.

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The FPS-15 uses a 10-micron filter to remove more than 99 percent of the water, as well as large contaminants, from diesel. It processes up to 13 gallons a minute and can be bulkhead-mounted. An epoxy powder-coated frame, hose for suction and discharge, and a fueling nozzle are included. $2,995. Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering, Auburn, California, (530) 613-2150.

This article originally appeared in the December 2015 issue.


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Diesel genset

Westerbeke’s 8.0 EGTD generator has a compact 1.3-liter, 3-cylinder diesel that operates at 1,800 rpm


Diesel Fuel Filter

The Keenan Filter System from KTI Systems has maintenance, diagnostic and repair functions to polish fuel and switch filters.