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Dr. Shrink’s DS-683WP Wind-Powered Vent

Shrink-wrap is a popular protection for boats stored on the hard during winter.

But what about proper ventilation? One solution could be Dr. Shrink’s DS-683WP Wind-Powered Vent, a clever device that can run constantly in any climate, thus providing “under cover” air circulation. Simple and inexpensive, this vent can move 30 cubic feet of air per hour with a 10-mph breeze at no cost. Featuring efficient blades and anemometer cups, it can either blow or remove air, helping eliminate moisture buildup and maximize air flow. The base of the vent sticks to the shrink-wrap’s surface. It can be purchased with or without screens in the base. MSRP is $4.25. Dr. Shrink, Manistee, Minn. Phone (800) 968-5147.

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This article originally appeared in the November 2009 issue.


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Wind Sensors

Solid-state LCJ Capteurs wind sensors use electro-acoustic transducers to determine the transit time differences among waves induced by air flowing along the orthogonal axes.