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Electric Kayak Outboard

The Helix MD is a compact electric propulsion system for Flex Pod OS-compatible kayaks from Wilderness Systems.

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Based on Torqeedo’s Ultralight 403 model, the motor weighs 15 pounds and drops into a specially designed scupper. The prop and skeg extend from the centerline of the hull, with the nominal weight forward of the kayaker to maintain a better-balanced boat. The Helix MD is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery with integrated GPS and offers a run time of up to eight hours. $1,999. Torqeedo, Crystal Lake, Illinois, (815) 444-8806.

This article originally appeared in the November 2016 issue.



Torqeedo Kayak Outboard

Designed for fishing kayaks, Torqeedo’s Ultralight 403 A electric outboard produces the equivalent of 1 hp, weighs 16 pounds (including its lithium-ion battery), hits 6.2 mph and has a maximum range of 25 miles, depending on the kayak’s type and weight.