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Electric outboards

Torqeedo’s latest Cruise 2 and Cruise 4 electric outboards were just a prelude to the introduction this fall of 30- to 80-hp (equivalent) models.

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The prototype is called the Torqeedo 60kW. Meanwhile, we can get a hint of the 60kW’s performance with the German manufacturer’s Cruise 4 tiller model packaged with a 12-foot West Marine RIB. Powered by the equivalent of 8 to 10 hp, the RIB planes at 13-plus knots and travels more than 15 nautical miles on a charge. Equivalent to a 6-hp gas engine, the Cruise 2 runs on one 26-104 battery; the Cruise 4 uses two 26-104s in series to power its 48-volt system. Lithium batteries cost $599 each (charger included), but buyers can opt for less expensive (and less efficient) AGM or lead acid batteries. The Cruise 2 tiller model sells for $2,799 and the Cruise 4 T for $3,799. Torqeedo,

January 2013 issue