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Expedition Tray Accessory Table

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Ever envied kids for their high chairs that are equipped with a foldaway tray table to keep snacks and toys handy? Now there's an accessory for boat seats that pretty much does the same thing.

Stidd Systems Inc., a manufacturer of ergonomic marine seating, introduced the Expedition Tray Accessory Table, compatible with the company’s Admiral Series 500 Standard and 500N Slimline models. It provides a stable surface for laptops, keyboards, paperwork, or a snack, while under way. The table folds out, locks in place and stows when not in use. Stidd says the tables can be finished either to match the seat frame or in a contrasting powdercoat color. MSRP is $1,950. Stidd Systems, Inc., Greenport, N.Y. Phone: (631) 477-2400.


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This article originally appeared in the April 2009 issue.