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Fusion Marine Stereo

Fusion’s new MS-RA70 and MS-RA70N marine stereo systems promise clear and dynamic sound reproduction in a marinized, space-saving chassis.

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Features include independent balance and volume control in two audio zones, additional line and sub outs, and Bluetooth audio streaming. The MS-RA70N includes an NMEA 2000 connector for integration with existing networks. $239 (MS-RA70, pictured), $289 (MS-RA70N). Fusion Entertainment, Scottsdale, Arizona, (623) 580-9000.

This article originally appeared in the March 2016 issue.


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Stereo Cooler

The PWD-CB1 Alpine ICE (in-cooler entertainment system) allows for hot tunes and cold beverages by combining a 180-watt sound system and a 56-quart Grizzly cooler.