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Global Hotspot



Somewear Labs’ Global Hotspot allows off-the-grid communications including two-way SMS texts and emails, weather reports, location sharing and more. Utilizing low Earth orbit satellite networks, Somewear works with iOS and Android phones via Bluetooth Low Energy. Global Hotspot’s integrated lithium polymer battery (with micro-USB charge port) lets users send a maximum of 1,000 text messages on a single charge. Pushing the SOS button sends a distress signal containing GPS coordinates and user information to local authorities. Price: $450, plus service subscriptions of $25 to $50 per month. Somewear Labs, San Francisco.

This article originally appeared in the August 2018 issue.



Stay Connected

The mazu mSeries system provides worldwide up-to-date weather, e-mail, SMS texting, position reporting, charts and onscreen tracking, and real-time and NMEA navigation.

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Weather monitor

The INO Weather Pro combines weather data and lightning detection in a handheld monitoring device.


Vesper Marine Class B AIS

WatchMate Vision2 has a new look. Its touchscreen still lets users scroll through menus, zoom in and out, select vessels for navigational data, change alarm settings and more.

Weego Jump Starters photo

Weego Jump Starters

Weego’s N-Series batteries include four levels of jump starters. Some have a tactical-grade flashlight and can charge cellphones and devices.


Relief from Seasickness

The Reliefband 2.0 is a drug-free way to control the nausea caused by motion sickness, virtual-reality activities, chemotherapy and morning sickness. It does so via Neurowave technology, which emits programmed pulses.


Bilge Pump Monitor

Blue Guard Innovations’ BG-One is a solid-state bilge pump switch, oil and fuel detector that turns off the bilge pump when oil or fuel is found.


Westerbeke Genset

Westerbeke’s 29.0 EGED marine diesel generator set (rated 29 kW at 60 Hz and 23 kW at 50 Hz) meets Environmental Protection Agency emissions requirements.


Touchscreen Tunes

Fusion’s Apollo Series marine entertainment system has an LCD touchscreen display,  Wi-Fi streaming, digital signal processing and PartyBus, which lets boaters play music throughout the boat or in a single stateroom.