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Hydrotab Trim Tabs

Hydrotab Trim Tabs

Engineered for boats to 20 feet length overall, Hydrotab 160BT trim tabs are designed to create lift with less surface drag, enhancing fuel economy. Paired with a set of Hydrotab blades, 160BT tabs are intended for boats with propeller tunnels or multiple outboards. The housing is stainless steel, and the blades are a lightweight, high-density composite. Controller options are ECO with a rocker switch, 3DHC LED with position indicators and automatic retraction, and 4DHC with full automation, built-in GPS and accelerometer sensors. Starting at $800. GlobalTec Solutions, (410) 202- 2347.

This article originally appeared in the September 2017 issue.



Dynamic Trim Control

Imtra’s Zipwake dynamic trim control system manages your boat’s running trim, heel and heading.

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Trim Tab Controller

The 4DHC automatic controller from HydroTab is designed to improve boat handling and address the limitations of older trim tab controllers.


Simrad NSO evo3

Simrad’s NSO evo3 is designed for simple installation aboard large cruising and sportfishing boats.


Luma-Vu Camera

The Luma-Vu HD camera gives boaters high-resolution, color video of what’s happening beneath the boat.


Tune In: Polk Ultramarine Complete DSP Sound System

The Polk Ultramarine Complete DSP Sound System from ASA Electronics uses a processor to constantly adjust the music to compensate for ambient noise from wind, water and boat engines.


Keep Cool

Webasto’s 115-volt BlueCool S-Series is available in five sizes, and each self-contained unit is designed for boats that are limited in space or onboard power.