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Intellian Technologies’ new k4 marine satellite TV antenna

Intellian Technologies' new k4 marine satellite TV antenna

Good times for TV buffs who want to surf channels while under way.

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Intellian Technologies’ new k4 marine satellite TV antenna offers the greatest number of high-definition channels at sea. The k4 is an in-motion marine Ka-band antenna that can access more than 130 DirectTV HD channels and up to 500 channels in combination with a Ku-band antenna. The k4’s control unit seamlessly switches between DirecTV’s five satellites, thus providing the ability to watch multiple channels simultaneously, according to the company. Wide Range Search and Dynamic Beam Tilting ensure clear and uninterrupted reception even in rough seas or at high speeds. Designed to operate in plus-or-minus 25-degree rolls and 15-degree pitches, the 17.7-inch antenna dish weighs 25.8 pounds and is housed in a 21.2-inch-high dome with a 19.7-inch diameter. Users can connect up to eight satellite receivers plus an external GPS by way of a built-in NMEA 0183 interface to support enhanced signal acquisition. MSRP is $6,995. Intellian Technologies, Irvine, Calif. Phone: (949) 916-4411.

This article originally appeared in the May 2009 issue.