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Tapping into the booming market of mobile devices and the popularity of downloadable applications, two German companies introduced JourSail, an electronic logbook for Apple Computer’s iPhone and iPod Touch.

JourSail, $5.99

The program uses the GPS, clock and interactive maps built into the iPhone and the iPod Touch to keep tabs on your trip. Users can determine parameters such as the number of daily entries, course, legs, wind speed and wave height, according to makers Medienkonzepte and RockAByte. The logbook can be e-mailed in a neat format to friends and family and anyone who wants or needs to keep track of the journey. Each time the mobile devices are connected with a PC or Mac, the records of JourSail are automatically backed up. JourSail is available in Apple’s iTunes App Store for $5.99. Visit (click on the English icon in the top, right corner).

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This article originally appeared in the October 2009 issue.