Kickstart the Boat

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Weego's Portable Power compact jump starter battery

Weego's Portable Power compact jump starter battery

When the boat won’t start because of a dead battery, one of Weego Portable Power’s four compact jump starter batteries can get you back underway. The smallest lithium-polymer battery in the line is 5.5 by 3 by .675 inches, weighs a little over half a pound and holds a charge for one year. The larger models hold a charge for two years, have built-in, high-lumen LED flashlights, strobes and SOS features and are water, dust and dirt resistant. They are also capable of charging a USB phone, laptops or other 12-volt accessories. The largest battery, the Weego 66.1, is 9.25 by 3.25 by 1.5 inches and weighs in at 2.5 pounds. It can restart all gas engines and diesel engines of 5 liters or more. Recharge time is under 3 hours. They can be charged  up to 1,000 cycles and are warranteed for 18 months. You can also use them to start your car or other 12-volt vehicle.

Price: $70 to $200.

This article originally appeared in the February 2019 issue.