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Here, there, LEDs are everywhere.

Grote Industries recently introduced LightForm, the first commercially available and flexible LED lighting film.

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Designed for light effects in the cabin or the cockpit, these LED strips are less than 1 millimeter thick, so they fit in tight spots, bend around corners, mold onto contours or can be twisted into shapes. They can also be cut at any point on the strip. LightForm flexible LED strips have an easy peel-and-stick adhesive backing, but also can be sewn into fabric and are offered in red, amber, green or blue. Retail price is $29.95 for the standard 10-inch-long powered strip. The 10-inch extension, which can be attached to the powered piece, sells for $26.95. Grote Industries, Madison, Ind. Phone: (812) 273-1296;

This article originally appeared in the Home Waters Section of the February 2010 issue.