Lightweight Scuba

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Mantus Scuba System

Mantus Scuba System

When a boat’s bottom needs a midseason scrubbing, anodes need to be changed, or a line gets caught in the prop, the Mantus Scuba System lets you address the problems. The lightweight, compact scuba system includes a harness, first- and second-stage regulators, a small pressure gauge with tempered glass and a tank good for about 15 to 20 minutes of air. It uses a classic piston design and both regulators have comfortable silicone mouthpieces. At 15 pounds, the system is small enough to stow inside the supplied backpack and fit on your boat. And it can be used for a short dive or to hunt for your seafood dinner.

Price: $688 for the system, $150 for a spare tank.

This article originally appeared in the February 2019 issue.




The Catch and Lift MOB Rescue System from Intelligent Sailing is designed to let a single operator recover and lift as many as two people back on board in the event of an emergency.


Soft Shoe

The SoftScience Fin 2.0 water shoe is built to be lightweight and odor-resistant, to dry quickly, and to keep water out with a self-draining system.


Moving Bigger Bows

Vetus has expanded its line of Bow Pro series thrusters to include models for 45- to 80-foot vessels. The Bow Pro Boosted thrusters use a brushless motor that’s reportedly maintenance-free for 12-volt or 24-volt inputs, and is designed to fit tunnel sizes up to 250 mm. The thrusters come with a standard or a fully proportional control panel and now have unlimited run-time. Price: $2,169 to $4,519.