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MelanSol Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen is a necessary ritual, but not all sunscreens are equally good for the body — or for nature.

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MelanSol sunscreens are scientifically formulated to protect against free radicals (oxidants) that are caused by UV rays and are responsible for long-term skin damage. MelanSol reflects UV rays like other sunscreens, but it uses mineral pigments such as zinc oxide and a small amount of titanium dioxide instead of chemical UV filters.

MelanSol also contains potent antioxidants (such as date fruit extract, green tea leaf extract, and Vitamin E) and extends the body’s natural ability to absorb UV rays, according to the company. MelanSol is 100 percent natural, according to the manufacturer. MSRP for 6 oz of 10 SPF starts at $18.95. Oceana Natural, Panama City Beach, Fla. Phone: (850) 249-2442.

This article originally appeared in the July 2009 issue.