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Mi-Sport waterproof/wireless MP3 headphones

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The Mi-Sport waterproof/wireless MP3 headphones are the first all-condition MP3-player headphones that provide a “completely functional and comfortable listening experience during any activity,” according to the company.

Waterproof and wireless, the player provides freedom of movement and stands up to the rigors of sweat or submersion. Playing time is about eight hours on a fully charged battery, according to Mi-Sport. An internal memory of 1 GB is good for about 250 MP3 files and more than 14 hours of content. Click a button on the outside to change tracks. The Mi-Sport MP3 headphones are multi format compatible and retail for $99.95. Keep the volume at safe levels to hear ambient sounds, recommends the distributor. AquaJogger, Springfield, Ore.


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This article originally appeared in the June 2009 issue.