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OM4500 Omnia Oven

Conventional ovens take up valuable space and aren't always transportable. With the portable OM4500 Omnia Oven, boaters can prepare baked meals and fresh bread almost anywhere.

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Requiring no installation, this oven bakes food on a gas or alcohol stove or on an electric hot plate. The design includes a 2.1-quart aluminum dish, treated-steel base plate with center hole and an aluminum lid. Ventilation holes give cakes and breads room to rise. Food is cooked evenly from the top with a central, cone-shaped hole and from the bottom with an air lock between the base plate and the aluminum dish. The OM4500 Omnia Oven weighs 1.1 pounds and retails for $79.95. InterCon Marketing, Sarasota, Fla. Phone: (941) 355-4488.