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Raritan Manual/Electric Head


If there’s a power failure on board, Raritan Engineering’s PH PowerFlush converts from electric to manual flushing by disconnecting one bolt and inserting a retractable handle. Built from polymer, Raritan’s PHII piston pump is 66 percent larger than competing models and clears the bowl with fewer strokes, the company says. A 1.5-inch joker valve maintains performance. The PH PowerFlush is available in marine and household bowl sizes. A soft-close seat is designed to prevent the lid from slamming, with stoppers to lock the seat in place. Starting at $990. Raritan Engineering, (856) 825-4900.

This article originally appeared in the February 2018 issue.



Raritan Icemaker

Raritan Engineering’s Icerette Model 87 makes 21 pounds of ice per day.

Photo of Henri Lloyd Foulies

Henri Lloyd Foulies

Henri Lloyd’s Freedom Range jackets ($295) and Hi-Fit pants ($235) are made from TP2 fabric with bicomponent  coating technology to be waterproof, windproof and highly breathable.


B&G Glass Helm

Designed for bluewater sailboats, the Zeus3 Glass Helm from B&G has a high-definition display that can be seen from nearly any angle and through polarized lenses.


Diesel Fuel Filter

The Keenan Filter System from KTI Systems has maintenance, diagnostic and repair functions to polish fuel and switch filters.

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Hella LED Lamps

Dual-color Sea Hawk XL lamps


Remote-Control Trailer Dolly

Parkit360’s Transformer 15K trailer dolly lets one person move a 15,000-pound fifth wheel, tagalong, gooseneck or traditional trailer with a wireless remote control.


Side-Power Thrusters

Side-Power’s SE50 and SE25 thrusters provide big performance in small tunnels.