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Raymarine Announces YachtSense Ecosystem


Raymarine has announced its new YachtSense Ecosystem, which the company says will enable complete onboard and offboard integration with all devices connected to a boat’s network. The system will provide captains and boat owners with connectivity to their vessel prior to, during and after a voyage.

The system provides three levels of connectivity via a Raymarine mobile device app, YachtSense Link Mobile Router and the YachtSense Digital Switching System that was launched in December of 2020.


The app will stream and control any Raymarine Axiom multifunction display from a phone or tablet from anywhere and allow secure file transfer of backup data such as waypoints, tracks and photos to a mobile device. A fully marinized network router with 4G broadband capability will allow YachtSense Link to remotely connect to NMEA 2K devices and provide features like Geofencing. With a built-in GPS sensor, YachtSense Link combines dockside WiFi, onboard WiFi, Raynet ethernet and 4G mobile broadband into a unified onboard network, allowing Raymarine equipment, tablets, smart TVs and other wireless devices to be integrated.


Using the YachtSense Ecosystem, vessels can be monitored remotely. Owners or captains can receive alerts when a vessel moves outside a safety zone, view real time instrument and navigation data, command the vessel’s electrical system, lighting, pumps, sunshades, window blinds and HVAC systems and allow monitoring of smoke alarms, bilge water sensors, tanks, battery voltage, shore power, and more.

The system will be officially launched in early 2022 and is aimed at networked vessels of 35 feet and over.


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Yamaha Announces Electric Outboard System for U.S. Market

The HARMO system features an innovative rim-drive motor that turns an oversized impeller equal to the thrust of a 9.9-hp gasoline outboard


USCG Announces New Engine Cut-off Switch Law

As of April 1, 2021, operators of recreational vessels under 26 feet will be required to use an engine cut-off switch link under certain circumstances

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Nordhavn Announces Two New Models

The N625 and N71 will update the builder’s line with two sleeker, more modern models that will also have more standard features


Soft Shoe

The SoftScience Fin 2.0 water shoe is built to be lightweight and odor-resistant, to dry quickly, and to keep water out with a self-draining system.

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Giant Containership Blocks Suez Canal

The 1,312-foot vessel lost control in a sandstorm and wedged itself into one side of the channel as its stern twisted into the opposing bank



The Catch and Lift MOB Rescue System from Intelligent Sailing is designed to let a single operator recover and lift as many as two people back on board in the event of an emergency.