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Razor-Blade Knife


Outdoor Edge added the 3-inch RazorLite EDC to its line of razor-blade knives. A holder coated with black oxide supports the razor blade, making it as strong as a standard knife, the company states. The stainless blades are heat-treated and hand-finished. Rubberized handle inserts provide a nonslip grip, even when wet. A double-sided thumb stud allows opening the knife with one hand. The RazorLite EDC comes with four blades and is available in orange, blue or gray. $34.95. (A six-pack of replacement blades is $12.95.) Outdoor Edge, Denver, (303) 530-7667.

This article originally appeared in the May 2018 issue.



Raritan Icemaker

Raritan Engineering’s Icerette Model 87 makes 21 pounds of ice per day.


Icom VHF Radio

Icom’s M85 marine-land VHF radio is small, lightweight and waterproof to a rating of IP67.

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Pelican Flashlights

Lightweight, compact and submersible

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Diesel genset

Westerbeke’s 8.0 EGTD generator has a compact 1.3-liter, 3-cylinder diesel that operates at 1,800 rpm


Anchor Zone Winch

TRAC Outdoor Products’ newest anchor winch retrieves and deploys river and mushroom anchors.


Solid-State Doppler Radar

Raymarine’s Quantum 2 solid-state radar uses the latest Doppler target identification, plus CHIRP pulse compression, to identify moving and static targets at long and short ranges.


Bilge Pump Monitor

Blue Guard Innovations’ BG-One is a solid-state bilge pump switch, oil and fuel detector that turns off the bilge pump when oil or fuel is found.


Raritan Manual/Electric Head

If there’s a power failure on board, Raritan Engineering’s PH PowerFlush converts from electric to manual flushing by disconnecting one bolt and inserting a retractable handle.