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Rose Point Navigation Systems Digital Radar Products

Rose Point Navigation Systems announced a new line of digital radar products that can be used with the company’s Coastal Explorer and Rose Point ECS navigation systems.

The new radar units range from a small 4-kw dome to a 25-kw open array. Radar overlay on an electronic chart gives users “better situational awareness and increased navigational confidence by correlating radar images representing buoys, AIS targets, aids to navigation, and land features with their real-world position on a chart,” according to Rose Point. Users can choose from various radar display options to suit their needs: The radar image can be displayed semi-transparently on top of the chart, or it can be displayed in a split window with or without a chart background. Radar controls for gain, range and sea state are accessed through buttons available in cruise mode. The software includes traditional radar features such as variable range markers, electronic bearing lines and guard zones. Retail prices range from $3,495 to $5,195. Rose Point Navigation Systems, Redmond, Wash. Phone: (425) 605-0985;

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This article originally appeared in the September 2009 issue.