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With an innovative shape and a secure locking mechanism, the new SmartPlug 30-amp plug and inlet helps protect against unstable connections and overheating — two leading causes of fire and electrocution.

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SmartPlug’s sleeve configuration nests the plug and inlet together to align the pins properly and protect them from absorbing pressure or force. SmartPlug’s locking system decreases the risk of faulty connections, and straight electrical pins provide a 20-times-greater contact area than pins found on conventional plugs, according to the manufacturer.

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Other safety features include a triple-seal waterproof connection and a built-in thermostat that automatically shuts off electrical current at around 200 degrees F. The SmartPlug 30-amp plug and inlet assembly retails for $225. SmartPlug Systems, Seattle. Phone: (206) 285-2990.

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This article originally appeared in the July 2009 issue.