Speed Sensors

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Airmar’s next-generation “Smart” speed sensors combine speed, depth and fast-response water temperature in a compact through-hull fitting with no moving parts. Eliminating the paddlewheel minimizes fouling and reduces maintenance, according to Airmar. Designed for racing sailboats and long-range cruisers, the DX900+ dual-axis electromagnetic sensor measures forward and transverse speed, and it outputs leeway angle, heel and trim. $1,200. (The company also introduced ultrasonic sensors for all types of cruising boats.) Airmar Technology, Milford, New Hampshire, (603) 673-9570. airmar.com

This article originally appeared in the May 2018 issue.


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Wind Sensors

Solid-state LCJ Capteurs wind sensors use electro-acoustic transducers to determine the transit time differences among waves induced by air flowing along the orthogonal axes.

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Diesel genset

Westerbeke’s 8.0 EGTD generator has a compact 1.3-liter, 3-cylinder diesel that operates at 1,800 rpm

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Pelican Flashlights

Lightweight, compact and submersible


Solid-State Doppler Radar

Raymarine’s Quantum 2 solid-state radar uses the latest Doppler target identification, plus CHIRP pulse compression, to identify moving and static targets at long and short ranges.


Low-Emission Genset

Westerbeke’s 7.5 MCGA is a low-CO, gasoline-fueled generator with sequential multiport electronic fuel injection designed to enhance fuel efficiency, enable easy starting, improve reliability and reduce emissions.


B&G Glass Helm

Designed for bluewater sailboats, the Zeus3 Glass Helm from B&G has a high-definition display that can be seen from nearly any angle and through polarized lenses.