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Today's reformulated ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) and biofuels are often blamed

for clogged fuel filters, starting problems, poor engine performance and reduced engine life.

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The new Sta-Bil diesel stabilizer prevents sludge and sediment from forming in the fuel, protects against corrosion, reduces oxidation of diesel fuel caused by thermal breakdown and helps remove water from diesel fuel, which promotes the growth of bacteria, fungus and algae, according to the manufacturer. It also contains extra lubricity and detergents to protect and clean the entire fuel system. Diesel Formula Sta-Bil is safe to use in all diesel fuels including ULSD and biodiesels, and can be used in any diesel engine, including marine and agricultural equipment. MSRP is $27.99 (32 oz.) and $99 (1 gallon). Gold Eagle Co., Chicago. Phone (800) 621-1251.

This article originally appeared in the Home Waters Sections of the May 2010 issue.