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The AquaFoam DinghyRack

Ever scratched your head pondering safe and easy dinghy storage on the foredeck?

Well, there's help in sight.

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The AquaFoam DinghyRack consists of cross-linked polyethylene foam that keeps an overturned inflatable a few inches above deck, thus preventing damage from oarlocks or the hard transom, according to the manufacturer. The rack is marketed as an alternative to davits or chocks that often are complicated, expensive and intrusive to install. Because the DinghyRack allows keel-up storage, the boat doesn't need a cover to keep spray or rainwater out. Pricing ranges from $39.99 to $49.99. AquaFoam, Inc. Charlton, Mass. Phone: (508) 248-0081.

This article originally appeared in the Home Waters Sections of the April 2010 issue.