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Trim Tab Controller

The 4DHC automatic controller from HydroTab is designed to improve boat handling and address the limitations of older trim tab controllers.

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With the press of a button, the boat will trim to the ideal angle for a more comfortable ride and better fuel efficiency, the manufacturer says. The 4DHC works with HydroTab’s Interceptor trim tabs and includes steering assistance, auto roll and pitch, and an automatic function designed to improve boat handling. The 3.2-inch screen displays real-time data and the controller menu. $2,500. GlobalTec Solutions, Baltimore, (410) 202-2347.

This article originally appeared in the February 2017 issue.


Hydrotab Trim Tabs

Hydrotab Trim Tabs

Engineered for boats to 20 feet length overall, Hydrotab 160BT trim tabs are designed to create lift with less surface  drag, enhancing fuel economy.


Dynamic Trim Control

Imtra’s Zipwake dynamic trim control system manages your boat’s running trim, heel and heading.