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Waveblade Power Barnacle Remover

Barnacles and other marine growth are literally a drag on the performance of any boat and removing them can be a royal pain. Now the new Waveblade Power Barnacle Remover from Wavecraft LLC promises effortless removal of biofouling from any type of hull surface, propellers, shafts, drives and trim tabs - above and below the waterline.

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Waterproof to 15 feet, the Waveblade's oscillating head delivers a high-frequency resonance through a coated steel scraper blade into substrate encrusted with barnacles and mussel deposits and "removes fouling in a fraction of time compared to traditional methods, leaving bottom paint intact with no damage to the surface," according to the manufacturer. Available with four different blades, the Waveblade Power Barnacle Remover retails for $399. Wavecraft LLC, Port Angeles, Wash. Phone: (877) 895-9283;

This article appeared in the Home Waters sections of the January 2011 issue.